Thursday 25 May 2017


If you are trader. You are purchasing outside the state. if your puchase invoice have Basic Excise Duty tax then you need to calculate per item basic excice duty for purchase entry. But using following code you are not required to calculate per item basis. You can make cst purchase entry in tally by using following code.

Sunday 14 May 2017

Print Bank Details on Invoice of Tally Old versions

If you are not updated your old tally or you are using old version of tally then also you can print bank details on your invoice

Copy the following code in Notepad

;Jai Shree Ganesh || Jai Jai Ram Hare || Jay Shree Krishna Hare||
;Jai Shree Ganesh || Jai Jai Ram Hare || Jay Shree Krishna Hare||
;Objective:-Write Bank Detils on Printed Invoice in old Tally Versions
;Author: Deepak Garg || Created:12/05/2017

[#Part:expinv leftsign]

Add:Parts:After:EXPINV Words:bankdetail
Add:Lines:titeldetail,bankname, accno, ifscno
Border:Left Totals
Set as:"Bank Details for Neft/RTGS"
Style:Tiny Bold
FullWidth   : Yes
Set as:"SBI BANK, Laxmi Nagar, Gujrat"
FullWidth   : Yes
Set as:"A/C 0888888888"
FullWidth   : Yes
Set as:"IFSC 0888888888"
FullWidth   : Yes

For Complete information watch following Youtube Video

Thursday 11 May 2017

Tin Number Field on Sales/Puchase Screen

You can display party tin number on sales/purchase screen

Copy the following code into notepad

Tuesday 9 May 2017

Tally on your Android Phone

If you are using Tally and Want to watch its data on your mobile phone. We can provide a solution to you.