Thursday 11 May 2017

Tin Number Field on Sales/Puchase Screen

You can display party tin number on sales/purchase screen

Copy the following code into notepad

[#Part: VCHTitle2Left]
Add:Line:After:VCH Ref:deepaktin
  [Line: deepaktin]
Add: Field: deepaktin
Invisible: Not (@@IsPurchase Or @@IsSales)

[Field: deepaktin]
Fields  : Simple Prompt, Name Field
Local   : Field : Simple Prompt: Set as : "Party Tin no.:"
Local : Field : name Field : Set as : $VATTINNumber:Ledger:$LedgerName
Local   : Field : Default           : Skip      : Yes
Width       : @@VCHNameWidth

For more info watch this youtube vedio


  1. [# Part: EXPINV Signature]
    Delete : Right Parts: EXPSMP Signature
    Delete : Line : EXPSMP Signature
    Delete : Bottom Lines: EXPSMP Authourity

    Add: Right Parts: EXPSMPSignature2
    [Part: EXPSMPSignature1]
    ;;Width: 100% page
    Horizontal Alignment:Right
    Lines : EXPINV Logo1
    Graph Type : "D:\logo\dattatray.jpg"
    Height : 2.00 Cm
    Width : 15.80 Cm
    [Line: EXPINV Logo1]
    Field : EXPINV Logo1
    [Field: EXPINV Logo1]
    Set as : "Autherised Signatory"


    Horizontal Alignment:Right
    Width:20% Page
    Right Part:EXPSMPSignature1
    Width:70% Page
    Width:50% Page

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