Tuesday 2 April 2024

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Tally TDL & Other Utilites

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Lock Vouchers (Verified voucher locked for users)

File GSTR1 from Tally Erp9(works if you not have Tally prime)

Audit Trail

Customise Sales Invoice Yourself without Code

Item with hsn, gstrate in invoice & stocksummary & colummner report

Find Negative Stock in any Date

Print Bank Slips from Tally and Print Neft/RTGS Details behind cheque

Multiple Repeat Voucher Entry Automatically in Tally

Partywise Multi Invoice Printing in Tally Erp9 and Tally Prime

All Input Vouchers Like GSTR3B for GSTR2A Reconciliation

Remove automatically invoice number and invoice date from GSTR1 Json

MS Access GSTR2A Reconciliation Utility

MS Access All bank entries import into tally

Fully Customise Receipt Yourself without any code

Large Size Company Name and Address

Print E-way and Invoice Saperatly

GSTIn on inventory vouchers like Sales, Purchase etc in latest tally editions

Autobackup with Zip + Desire location + Desire file name

Other Important
Click On Article/TDL Name Video 
Fully customised receipt print Video
Modified GSTR-3B Video
Fully Sales Invoice Customise Yourself  Video 
Item with hsn, gstrate in invoice & stocksummary & colummner report  Video 
Show Ledger @ Voucher Entry Time / Posting time  Video 
Print Invoice on your Beautiful Letter Head  Video 
Find an invoice by GST number  Video 
display gstn on all inventory vouchers  Video 
Convert Json to excel offline utility  Video 
Multi Invoice Printing  Video 
simple inovice printing customise  Video 
Print Bank Detail on Invoice in old Tally versions  Video 
Find negative stock in any date  Video 
Colorfull simple invoice printing in tally  Video 
All companies bank balance & cash on single click  Video 
Bank reconcelation satus on voucher entries  Video 
Tran-1  Video 
Tran-2  Video     

Excel To Tally Index

GST Tutorial Index
Maintain GST structure | जीएसटी पोर्टल की तरह जीएसटी लेजर्स को टेली में
How to updated from original GOVT GST Update
Mandi Tax
GST READY Bill Formats

Tally Advance Tutorial Index
Tally Advance
ऐसे इनवाइस का कैसे पता करें जिनमें क्वा्न्टिटी डालना भूल गए हैं ।
create good address book from tally in excel
Tally Monthly Report without any TDL
Handle Mandi tax with GST in Tally

Monday 1 April 2024

Ebook For kids Line Tracing



Free pdf ebooks for line tracing

1. Ebook - Tracing pre-kindergarten Page-104

Source: - https://kidslearninghunt.blogspot.com/2023/07/trace-with-joy-free-line-tracing.html


2. Ebook- My First Tracing Book, Page-33

Source:- https://kidslearninghunt.blogspot.com/2023/07/my-first-tracing-book.html

3. Ebook:- basic skills complete book with more pgs, Page-121

Source:- https://kidslearninghunt.blogspot.com/2023/07/basic-skills-book.html


4. Ebook- First Dot to Dot Book, Page-25

Source: https://kidslearninghunt.blogspot.com/2023/07/my-first-tracing-book_22.html

Free Worksheet for Line Tracing, Hindi/English Character Tracing & Simple maths for your kids

1. Worksheet for line trace, english & maths alphabet practice & simple maths

2. Ebook for English Alphabet Tracing / Practice

Source:- www.worksheetspack.com


3. Ebook For Hindi Character Tracing

Source:- https://eduflakes.com/worksheet/hindi-swar-tracing-worksheets-pdf