Tuesday 24 October 2023

Tally Auto backup with zip facility on desire location and meaningful name

Q1. What facility in this tdl?

Sol. 1. Auto backup on quit from tally

        2.Can Decide Backup Location and file name

        3.Backup auto zip to send mail & save storage

        4. Backup file have date and time also

Q2.  How to download this tdl?

Sol. Simply click on blow link and download in your system. Enjoy it.

Download Auto Backup

zip file password is  116

Q3. How to use this tdl?

Sol. Steps

1. Download this tdl from provided above link

2. Copy full address of .tcp file with extension

3. Go to in Tally

4. Press Alt+Ctrl+T

5. Paste the address

6. Accept

Q4. TDL Date is expired now what to do?

Sol. You can again download trial version. if trial version not available you may purchase or request to reupload trial version on our mail id :- contact.aasansolution@gmail.com

Q5. How works this tdl?

Sol. Watch full video