Friday, 23 November 2018

Part-4 Customise Your Invoice Yourself

You can customise your invoice yourself by downloading this tdl for download link visit down of this post.

This is a part 4 of this tdl.

You can design and edit your tally sales invoice using ms word. for complete process watch part1, 2, 3

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Part 4: 
In this article too many updates done like 

your company country name, company statename, statecode, phone number, mobile number, website, email etc.

You can also enter Part statename, statecode etc.

In this article you can now also enter your eway bill details, Item Part Number, Horizontal Batch wise detail, Bank Details etc.

through this article i am providing you a tcp file and word.xml file. You can open invoiceword.xml file in ms word and can make changes as per your needs.

click here for download


  1. it is showingdamagedfile for part 4 and what about expiry date of TDS...

  2. sir can you provide life time expiry file, because i have to reconcile every time

  3. Hello Sir,
    Very happy chritmas and happy new year in advance
    Pls provide new tally tdl in new year 1. Print Contact details in Cash sales bill (Name, Contact No. PAN, maild id ) 2. Cash or cheque receipt print in Tax Invoice and 3. Selected lines or voucher Total

  4. TDL expire, can i get renewd TDL?


  6. Sir,
    Discount Column is Not there. Can you please provide discount column. I want to purchase your TDL for permanent activation usage. How do I do that? Also when printing, it is not accepting the automatically set 2 copies printing and needs to manually enter 2 copies everytime we print. Thanks...

  7. this new tdl many fields are missing, such as state, bank details, etc.

  8. how can i download only tcp file