Tuesday 15 December 2020

Tally TdL - Print Bank Slips from Tally and Print Neft/RTGS Details behind cheque

Tally TdL - Print Bank Slips from Tally and Print Neft/RTGS Details behind cheque

Feature 1:-

Today I am going to give a very important tally TDL. In which you can print your party payment details beneficiary details like account number, IFSC code, bank name, branch mame behind cheque very easily from tally accounting software. These details are very important when you make payment using Neft Or rtgs.

By entering manually behind cheque or writing on a bank slip - these details consuming more time and more chances of mistake. But using this TD are you can directly print these details from Tally behind the cheque. 

This Tdl not only giving you a facility, but also without any mistake, you can make your work fast.

For more details watch below full video and download this TDL

Feature 2:- As you know filing bank slip is a time consuming and typical task to fill accurate all information. sometimes we need to fill again another slip due to some mistake and cutting not allowed on bank slips as per banking rules. So this tdl will solve this problem if your bank allowed to print bank slip on behalf your self for your transactions. This is a most awaited tally tdl. Requirement of this tdl was came to me through email. I like that mail and give assurance to sender that i will definitely design or develop required tally tdl. So now i am very happy to design it and i hope it will help every business.

Let's know about this feature Today dt 15-12-2020 Now i am going to release this advance feature in same tally tdl. In this release in which you can also print bank slips like Neft/RGTS, Cheque Deposit slip directly from you tally accounting software.

    You can print slips as well as you can design you slip as you want or required. Its a ultimate tdl in which you can add many designs you want.

to know complete process you have to check below video

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