Sunday 1 January 2023

Import Sales With Inventory Data from Busy Win to Tally

 Import Sales With Inventory Data from Busy Win to Tally

Download TDL

Password of Zip file 105

To import data from Busy software to Tally, you can follow these general steps:

Export the data from Busy software in the required format Excel as per Tally's import format guidelines.

1. Open Tally software and navigate to the gateway of Tally.

2. Select the option 'Import Busy Data' from the gateway of Tally.

3. Select the appropriate company where you want to import the data and Set the file path that you want to import Excel Sales Data of Busy win.

4.Insert full path with proper file extension and set sheet number of excel file in given field.

5. Tally will then display the details of the data that will be imported. Check the details and confirm the import.

Once the import is complete, Tally will display the status of the import process. Verify the imported data in the Tally company and make any necessary corrections.

In this tdl you can import Busy win Sales Invoice Data into Tally.

Q. Is directly import data into Tally?

Answer. No., It first convert data from busywin to excel then excel to tally data import.

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