Saturday, 10 October 2020

Sales Invoice wise GST Summary with GSTN from Voucher & Ledger without any expiry

 Sales Invoice wise GST Summary with GSTN from Voucher & Ledger

I given a answer of protect yourself to making mistakes in gstr1. Most of the times parties inform after 2-3 years about mismatch When due dates of corrections gone.

you will learn how to check party gstin in voucher entry that is uploaded in portal. You can check yourself your gstr1 before filing September gstr1 filing to make yourself error proof.

  1. How to know my gstr1 is ok or not?
  2. How to check what mistake I have done in my gstr1 filed already?
  3. Any way to check gstr1 correct or not?
  4. Any tally tdl that checks gstr1 mistakes?
  5. Any free tally tdl which informs about wrong gstin entered on vouchers or invoices?
  6. How to protect myself making mistakes in gstr1 filing?  

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