Tuesday 7 July 2020

Read GSTR1 Json to Tally to excel Tool

New:- Now Version 1.2 Launched dt 03-09-2020 :- Multi Company, Multi GSTR1 Read Capability in once

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Now you can read your NOT ONLY ONE GSTR1 json but Multi GSTR-1 Json in tally entirely free of cost.

in this article i provided a not only a tally tdl but also a exe file with the help of this tdl and exe you can extract multiple json gstr1 of multi company and rename automatically and merged into on gstr1 josn to read your GSTR1 Json Data into tally. This is a free without expiry tally tdl & exe that is created by me. but not of commecial utilization. Version 1 of this tdl or tool only providing to read facility of read one 1 gstr1 but now advance edition 1-2 released now. And in future i will also release Advance edition as per user requirements.

Questions about this utility or program:-

Question 1:- Is it free of Cost or Not?
Answer:- This is free of Cost utility you can use for your personal use but not use of commercialization. This program have a expiry period you can again download after expiry period.

Question 2: If this Program free of cost then why you make time period expiry?
Answer:- Two Reasons
1. No one can use my utilities commercially due to expiry
2. It makes little bit earning if someone not want to download again after expiry

Question 3: How can i download this utility or program?
Answer: Download link given at the end of this article

Question 4: What in this utility package?
Answer:- This is a zip file of three files
1. Readme File :- instruction are given in this file
2. TCP File:- This is main file that is required to activate in tally
3. Portal GSTR1 Zip File :- this is sample gstr1 json file that is downloaded from portal
4. Exe File:- for unzip, rename & merge Mutliple Json into one Json

dStep By step Process Version 1.2 Process Described below:-

to run this tcp you have to extract files in only D drive for more information you have to watch below youtube video and read provided text file

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