Monday 21 August 2017

HSN with Item Table and HSN With Item in Stock Summary

Now You can see HSN in List of Stock Items on Invoice/Voucher Mode Sales, Purchase, Debit Note, Credit Note Screen. And You also can see HSN With Items in Stock Summary.

HSN Code With Item on List of Stock Items

HSN Code with Items

I already created 2 tdls(txt files) to show hsn on sales, purchase, debit Note, Credit Note entry screen. But now i am not providing txt code or txt files due to txt code some other reasons. So i recently purchased Tally Developer 9 Licence by paying 11,000/-.

So, Now i am providing you TCP file of this TDL.  Actually i want to cover my Tally Developer 9 Licence Cost by earning from This TDL.

You can test it freely...No charges for testing.

How to run this TDL

step 1: Download from given link below.
step 2: Open Tally > F12: Configuration > Product & Features >F4 : Manage Local TDL > Load TDL Files on Startup:Yes> List of TDL Files  to preload on startup : Location of your tcp file with .tcp extension for Example D:\hsn with Item.tcp
step 3: Restart Tally
step 4: you will see :- Welcome to aasan solution screen, read msg carefully
setp 5: Type: Aasan Solution > Enter > accept >Yes
setp 6: Enjoy.

For More Info Watch Youtube Video

password of zip file is 124
Download Here


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  3. sir mene [item with GSt hsn&rate with columner] tdl tally me dala tha ab bho expired ho gya he me ees tdl ko fir se kese run kar sakta hu ?

  4. Dear sir, please provide me mini statement on tally tdl file

  5. Sir, after 2-3 months tDL gets expitred

  6. yes ans this question same to me