Tuesday, 19 November 2019

GST Mismatch Report :- GSTR2A Reconciliation Fastest Utility | Get Mismatch With in Seconds

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Quickly GST Mismatch Report
Question:-  जब हम Press to continue बटन पर क्लिक करते हैं तो यूटिलिटी काम नहीं कर रही है
( when I click on press to continue button utility not working) 
Solution:-  please check given video I answered in this video

Complete Solution GSTR2A Reconciliation
In this article me and my friend created a utility in ms access in which you can insert your portal and books GST2A. This utility will produce GSTR2A reconciliation within seconds. This Utility different to other because of no user actions required to generate data format mean user efforts are negligible. 

You can not also watch mismatch but also print and export to excel your all mismatch type report  and invoice mismatch type report. This is a very beautiful utility because of very user friendly and free of cost.

Requirements to use this utility:-
1. Ms Access must be install on your system
2. Portal GSTR2A and books GSTR2A
3. download this utility from below given link

1. Free of Cost
2. Effortless reconciliation
3. Easy to print result on A4 Size sheet no need to settle.
4. Separate reports for only invoice mismatch etc.

This is first version of this utility. so may be some limitation. so track problems and send to me on my mail address :- contact.aasansolution@gmail.com for further corrections.

for more information about this utility watch given below video

Version 7-8-3 Release Dated 14-09-2020

1.Reconcile Monthly/ Annually etc.
2.Reconcile B2B as well as CDNR
3.Multi Rate Invoices will show only in single row
4.Match Invoices if invoice number string incorrect
5.All Reports into Excel Export facility
6.computax Problems solved

Download Version 7-8-3
check below video to know features of version 7-8