Friday, 12 October 2018

TDL- Find an invoice by GST number

Hello friends

In this article I will tell you about how to find invoices using GST number .

suppose you have many invoices in October 2018 and you want to find only invoices that are related to your state or you want to find invoices that are sold to unregistered or consumers. Now it is possible by using this tdl.

Now you can find invoices by entering complete GST and or only any part of gstn.

For example
I Am belongs to Rajasthan and Rajasthan state code is 08 now I want to find invoices that are related to my State. In this case I will enter only 08 in GST search field and I get all invoices that are related to 08 state code. Similarly if I want to search all invoices related to a particular GST party then I will enter complete GSTin of that party and then I will get all invoices related to that party.

You can clearly understand by watching below video. If you have any doubt you may comment in comment section. I will try to give answers on your all comments as possible.

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